A Day in the Lives of Construction Workers

All about Construction Workers

Construction Worker Houston Texas 1

Anecdotes on the everyday lives of construction workers. (Photo Credits)

Construction workers usually seem tough and always serious in going about their work day in and day out.

This video shared by Tabooya, however showed their soft side.

“These Steelworkers have been working hard on this building across the street from a Children’s Hospital. One day, they noticed someone watching them from one of the many windows of the hospital –a little girl with cancer, a smiling and waving at them… every morning, without fail. So every day, the workers looked forward to their morning wave with the sick little girl and decided to show her exactly how much they care and hope for her recovery. What they did left her parents overwhelmed with joy. “

Watch the video clip here.

Building Hope and Joy

The same video was shared by the website Daily Liked.

“For Vivian Keith, a 2 and a half year old girl suffering from leukemia, watching people through a window was a rare glimpse of the world with no masks and latex gloves. She and her mom would wave at the workers until at least one of them waved back. But one morning, instead of a wave they saw a sign, a simple construction workers’ gesture that made one sick little girl’s day.”

Check out the article here.

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And because the stereotypical construction worker usually looks unassumingly busy with work, WSBTV reported that some police authorities have decided to pretend to be construction workers to catch erring drivers.

“Some drivers call it sneaky, but one metro police department says going undercover is an effective way to bust drivers texting, tweeting or checking emails behind the wheel. Marietta Police dressed up as a construction crew at a busy Cobb County intersection Wednesday to catch distracted drivers in the act. Most drivers paid no attention to the road crew working at Cobb Parkway at Roswell Road, but the crew wasn’t radioing in survey readings — they were busting distracted drivers.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

What is your usual impression on construction workers?



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