Retired teacher discovers her home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The home is the second to be identified in the past four months as part of the architect’s affordable well-designed homes collection – one of 16 ever built

Retired teacher Linda McQuillen stands in front of her home designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Madison, Wisconsin.

A retired teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, discovered this week that her house, which she bought for $100,000, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright experts announced on Tuesday that Linda McQuillen’s home is an American System-Built house, built as part of the great American architect’s effort to develop and market well-designed homes at an affordable level.

It is the second such house to be identified in the past four months, one of 16 ever built. Fourteen are still standing.

McQuillen, 69, who works part-time for the University of Wisconsin, bought the run-down house in 1989, knowing only that it was built in 1917 and that an addition was built in 1924.

Finding out that it was designed by Wright was “pretty exciting”, she said, and “pretty overwhelming”.

“Over time we have completely redone the house without any indication it was a significant house,” McQuillen told the Associated Press. “I didn’t know it was a Frank Lloyd Wright home and had no imagination it would be.”

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