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What are the current trends in roofing? (Photo Credits)

Roof is one of the most important arts of a home or a commercial structure, and over time various trends have paved the way to using different roofing materials for homes and buildings.

Home Smart Home featured some of the current trends when it comes to roofing.

“Speaking of the heat, new innovations have allowed scientists to choose better materials for roofs. If chosen as roofing material, the new roofs will be able to keep a house cold by absorbing minimum amounts of heat from the sun. This development is perfect for houses in urban areas that suffer from hot atmospheres even when they already have light colored roofs.”

Read the other trends here.

Go Green

Design Mena meantime pointed the spotlight on natural materials to build roofs.

“A return to natural materials is the major trend in exteriors as architects look for sustainability and use of more locally sourced materials. Tackling climate change, preservation of resources and conserving water supplies are all issues which the design and build industry is confronting through a commitment towards environmentally friendly materials and construction methods, such as the use of thatch for roofs.”

Check out the whole article here.

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Inhabitat meantime shared a slideshow of a home that has utilized green roofing.

“Bucking Thailand’s thatched house trend, the Aqualina Residence on beautiful Ko Samui is a green-roofed island villa that takes a more contemporary approach. Featuring tall ceilings, minimalist interiors, and massive glass windows overlooking a verdant setting, this tranquil getaway incorporates several sustainable building strategies to reduce its environmental impact.”

Watch the slideshow here.

What type of roofing do you have?

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